About Me

Neil Small

Sound Designer, Composer, Technical Audio Designer

Neil is a sound designer, composer, and technical audio designer hailing from Greater Boston. His experiences in ensembles ranging from marching bands to rock bands not only shaped his musical proficiency but also instilled in him a deep appreciation for collaboration and creativity in music-making.

Initially drawn to the gaming world through streaming his own gameplays on Twitch, Neil’s passion for the industry evolved as he delved into the intricacies of video game composition and sound design. He found great inspiration in the works of Yoko Shimomura and Darren Korb. For Neil, sound design and music are not just technical elements but integral components of storytelling. This philosophy has been the driving force behind his work, resulting in four shipped games, including the acclaimed Paradoxicar, which clinched the Audience Award in the Game/Music Jam 2023. His projects can be found on platforms like Itchi.io and Steam.

In his pursuit of excellence, Neil is continually honing his skills, pursuing a certificate in Project Management to bolster his prowess as an audio director. Even amidst his creative endeavors, Neil finds time to indulge in his entrepreneurial spirit, dabbling in the world of soap-making.

Currently, Neil is spearheading the audio direction for three upcoming titles. He is also putting the finishing touches on a series of UEFN Fortnite maps. Neil continues to champion interactive storytelling, harnessing the profound impact of sound and music in each project he undertakes.