Other Services

I have over fours years of private instruction experience. I teach students of all ages and specialize in contemporary genres of music (pop, rock, RnB, etc…). Lessons are offered online and in person. Reach out to me using this link to set up a trial lesson!

"Thanks to Neil's piano lessons, I'm not only enjoying the journey of learning and progressing on the piano but also proactively caring for my cognitive well-being. Each session is a rich source of knowledge, blending enjoyment with valuable learning. Highly grateful for the skill and health benefits gained through these lessons!"

Elie F.

Check out my handmade soap! All products are made to order.

"From the moment I started using it, I couldn't get over how amazing the lavender scent is. My shower experience was off the charts. Holding the soap was incredibly easy due to its size and shape. What's more, even with a good amount of use, it looks like I barely scratched the surface. This soap is going to last me a while. In my opinion, this soap is a solid 10/10."

Leon T.

A review of the Royal Lavender Soap